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Next Show is Sat. Sept. 30th in Berkeley
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What people are saying:


"Adrian's musical performance juxtaposed with an exploration of science is original, thought provoking, super interesting, and really fun. Very edu-taining!"

-- Steve Budd, professional actor whose one-man show What They Said About Love recently won the Best Of Fringe award at the SF Fringe Festival


"Uniquely creative, very funny and beautifully arranged. I really like his musical sensibility."

-- Catherine Lengronne, attended April 2017 show


"Adrian's Music & Science show was one of the most memorable events I attended in SF Bay Area during my 9 years of being here."

-- Katarzyna (Kate) Piatek, attended April 2017 show


"Very thought-provoking and entertaining."

-- Ira Marlowe, singer/songwriter and teacher of songwriting at UC Berkeley


"Great tunes and mind-expanding science."

-- Peter Conolly, singer/songwriter, attended April 2017 show

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