Adrian West Band


Music & Science Flyer



On Weds Jan 24th 2018 we will put on our innovative, multimedia Music & Science show in San Francisco at the Shelton Theater in SF (also on Feb. 28 and Mar. 28).


Shelton Theater
533 Sutter St. in SF
8 min walk from Powell St. BART

Purchase tickets in advance here for $16 or at the door for $20. Join our mailing list to get announcements and info about this exciting show and other news.

Click here to watch a short trailer about the show.

Here's what people are saying about
An Evening of Music & Science :


"Adrian's musical performance juxtaposed with an exploration of science is original, thought provoking, super interesting, and really fun. Very edu-taining!"

-- Steve Budd, professional actor whose one-man show What They Said About Love recently won the Best Of Fringe award at the SF Fringe Festival


"Adrian's show will leave you with both melodies and questions swirling in your head. The blurred lines between the living and the purely chemical, and between art and science somehow left me feeling intellectually balanced while delightfully, philosophically off-kilter."

-- Dr. Joe Hickey, PhD, Professor of Chemistry at Diablo Valley College

"Simply Fantastic! You must do more of these shows ."

-- Linda Hartmann, attended Sept 2017 show

"Uniquely creative, very funny and beautifully arranged. I really like his musical sensibility."

-- Catherine Lengronne, attended April 2017 show


"Adrian's Music & Science show was one of the most memorable events I attended in SF Bay Area during my 9 years of being here."

-- Katarzyna (Kate) Piatek, attended April 2017 show


"Very thought-provoking and entertaining."

-- Ira Marlowe, singer/songwriter and teacher of songwriting at UC Berkeley


"Great tunes and mind-expanding science."

-- Peter Conolly, singer/songwriter, attended April 2017 show


"'Adrian West's Music & Science show is great fun, musically, and the 'geeky' parts are exciting; I learned stuff that was new to me, while enjoying the show!"

-- Evelyn Sinclair, attended Sept 2017 show

Watch the trailer video ...